Traditional Inuit Games from Arviat

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Donald Uluadluak
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One, Two, Three
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Arvaaq Press, Inhabit Education
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Donald Uluadluak was an elder from Arviat, Nunavut. He was born in Arviat and raised by his grandparents, when Inuit were nomadic and depended on game for survival. He was an elder advisor for the Nunavut Department of Education for several years. After he retired, he began recording memories and recollections from his life to publish as books for future generations. Kamik: An Inuit Puppy Story is the first book to be based on these fond memories. He was passionate about teaching the younger generation so that they would in turn pass on the knowledge he shared.

“Inuit games have been played all over the Arctic for a very long time. They are played for fun, to practise survival skills, and as exercise.” Discover everything about Inuit games in Arviat, Nunavut! Practice skipping stones, building iglus, and challenge your friends to a race. Test your skills in the blindfold and jumping games and learn to play Inuit baseball. Written by the late Inuit Elder Donald Uluadluak Sr. and accompanied by the author's original illustrations, this book is a fun introduction to Inuit games. Full colour illustrations throughout. Audience: Ages 6-8.

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