Tsi Nontie:ren Tehakahrowa - Why Owl Has Big Eyes

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Konwahawen:se Phyllis Montour, Tewateronhiakhwa Mina Beauvais
Proulx, Kevin, Gabriel, Kahenti:ne Kim
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
Kanehsatake Education Centre

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Tsi Nontie:ren Tehakahrowa:nens Ne Kwarero:ha, Tsi Niiawen:en Tsi Tehaha:kwaien Ne Tsitsho, Ateneniahrhon'kowatshon Oka:ra: Why the Owl has Big Eyes, How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs, and The Legend of the Stone Giants contains three bilingual Mohawk/English legends retold by Tewateronhiakhwa Mina Beauvais and Konwahawen:se Phyllis Montour. These stories are designed for use by elementary students at Kanehsatake, Quebec. Each story is illustrated with colour drawings and contains Mohawk and English text on each page. The first story recounts a legend about the creation of the birds. Owl wants specific plumage and size but his failure to listen to the Creator results in the features owl carries today. The next story is another explanation of animal characteristics. In this story, Fox loses a leg to Bear. But Raven retrieves the leg but somehow attaches it incorrectly. Again this results in the characteristic stance of the fox. The final story recounts the Iroquois legend about the stone giants and how one brave man outsmarted the giants causing them to retreat to the west. All three stories are the work of the Language teachers and educators at Tsi Ronterihwanonhnha Ne Kanienkeha who keep the traditional stories and Mohawk language alive for the coming generations in their publications. Please note: cost reflects publisher's full-colour reproduction expenses.

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