Under-Served: Health Determinants of Indigenous, Inner-City, and Migrant Populations in Canada

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Arya Neil Akshaya
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College, University
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Canadian Scholars
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Under-Served brings together the perspectives of academics, front-line health care providers, and policy-makers to examine the historical, political, and social factors that influence the health and health care of under-served populations in Canada, focusing particularly on Indigenous, inner-city, and migrant populations. This vital text broadens the traditional determinants of health―the social, economic, environmental, and behavioural elements―to include factors like family and community, government policies, mental health and addiction, homelessness and housing, racism, youth, and LGBTQ identity.

With a foreword by former Chief Public Health Officer of Canada David Butler-Jones and contributions from leading scholars, this edited collection comprises 28 chapters divided into 6 sections including those on research for under-served groups and ways to promote change through education, advocacy, and system changes. Featuring section introductions, learning objectives, critical thinking questions, and additional resources, this edited collection will engage students in health studies, nursing, and social work in crucial topics such as health promotion, social inequality, and community health.


  • Includes a student supplement featuring clinical case vignettes and personal stories of patient care
  • Contains in-text pedagogy including learning objectives, critical thinking questions, and a glossary
  • Incorporates case studies and inspiring stories from health providers working in the field


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