Unsettling Canadian Art History

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Erin Morton
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Adult Education, College, University
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McGill-Queen's University Press
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Edited by Erin Morton, rethinking visual and material histories of settler colonialism, enslavement, and racialized disapora in the contested white settler state of Canada brings together fifteen scholars of art and culture. Unsettling Canadian Art History addresses the visual and material culture of settler colonialism, enslavement, and racialized diasporas in the contested white settler state of Canada.

This collection offers new avenues for scholarship on art, archives, and creative practice by rethinking histories of Canadian colonialisms from Black, Indigenous, racialized, feminist, queer, trans, and Two-Spirit perspectives. Writing across many positionalities, contributors offer chapters that disrupt colonial archives of art and culture, excavating and reconstructing radical Black, Indigenous, and racialized diasporic creation and experience. Exploring the racist frameworks that continue to erase histories of violence and resistance, this book imagines the expansive possibilities of a decolonial future.

Unsettling Canadian Art History affirms the importance of collaborative conversations and work in the effort to unsettle scholarship in Canadian art and culture.  This book contains 76 photos, full colour.

Recipient of The Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art Member Award.

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