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Anna Marie Sewell
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Poet and performer Anna Marie Sewell was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and is of Mi'gmaq, Anishinaabe, and Polish heritage. Urbane is Anna Marie's second novel, a much anticipated sequel to Humane.

What wilderness seethes beneath the skin? Knowing your wild potential, is it possible to live a life both urban and urbane? Urbane continues the stories of the people, human and otherwise, we met in Humane, Anna Marie Sewell's best-selling first novel.

Hazel LeSage and her lawyer friend Shanaya set out to find Hazel's ex-husband and renegotiate the terms of their divorce, in which Hazel unjustly lost her land. Exploring Hazel's former home, they stumble into a deadly conspiracy entangling the rural lands surrounding their home city of Amiskwaciy.

Meanwhile in Amiskwaciy, Hazel's pregnant firebrand daughter Missy struggles with all-day morning sickness and wild mood swings. Father-to-be Maengan struggles with their child's possibly monstrous heritage. Missy's cousin Devin, shaken to the core by the violent events recounted in Humane, has gone to ground in an unlikely lair. To emerge whole, like all of them, he must come to grips with the primal wildness of his soul.

Devin's mentor Father Efren is no help; he's fallen in love, and that primal wildness might, for the second time in his life, cost him everything. Welcome back to Amiskwaciy, where the mythic has its feet up on your coffee table, and what you see might not be all you get.

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