Wahogicobi: Kinship Terms To Make Relationships With Each Other

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Nakota Sioux Language Keepers
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One, Two, Three
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Eschia Books
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Wahogicobi: Kinship Terms To Make Relationships With Each Other, is written by the Nakota Sioux Language Keepers and illustrated by Destry Love Roan. Our Aboriginal Elders tell of a time when animals and humans could speak to each other. When humans became too greedy and killed more animals than they needed for food, the Creator changed that relationship to protect the animals. So the Creator made a Spirit Animal to represent each one and granted them gifts they could give to people. Spirit Animals teach, heal and inspire. Turtle carries North America on its back and symbolizes peace and balance. Bear is called “Grandfather” for its strength, leadership, confidence and courage. Coyote gifted us with fire and knowledge of herbs and food. Wolf taught us to hunt and form communities. This book is a guide, and the meanings of the Spirit Animals featured here are only one interpretation. If you see these Spirit Animals or Totems reflected in your own life, you have received their gift

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