The Story of Jack Otter of Waswanipi/ L'histoire de Jack Otter de Waswanipi

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Ruth DyckFehderau
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Adult Education
Northern East Cree, French, Southern East Cree, English
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The Story of Jack Otter of Waswanipi is Jack Otter's story, written by Ruth DyckFehderau with the James Bay Cree Storytellers and translated by Luci Bobbish-Salt, Louise Blacksmith and Valérie Duro. When Jack is 18, he's diagnosed with diabetes but isn't told he can do anything about it, so he doesn't. He falls into comas, he loses vision and needs eye surgery, his leg is amputated and then amputated again further up, and then his kidneys give right out. In Northern East Cree, French, Southern East Cree, and English.

Ruth DyckFehderau is an instructor in Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Alberta and a freelance writer; she also enjoys travel. She has published in literature journals and anthologies around the world, and has received awards for her writing, teaching, and activism. She won several book awards for The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee.

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