Western Voices in Canadian Art

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Patricia Bovey
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
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University of Manitoba Press
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The story of artists in Western Canada, and how they changed the face of Canadian art.

“Listen to the visual voices of artists. They tell us so poignantly who we are, what we must cherish, and what we must address as a society” - Patricia Bovey, author of Western Voices in Canadian Art.

Throughout her remarkable career as a gallery director, curator, and author, Patricia Bovey has tirelessly championed the work of Western Canadian artists. Western Voices in Canadian Art brings this lifelong passion to a crescendo, delivering the most ambitious survey of Western Canadian Art to date.

Bovey amplifies the depth, scope, and importance of this diverse group of artists—both settler and Indigenous—from the eighteenth century to the present. With detailed discussions of individual artists and their work, she demonstrates how these distinct voices have contributed to the Western Canadian artistic tradition. Bovey then adopts a thematic approach, richly informed by her knowledge and experience, connecting art and artists through time and across provincial boundaries.

Insights from Bovey’s studio visits and conversations with artists enhance our understandings of the history and trajectory of, and impetus for, Canadian artistic creation. Lavishly illustrated with more than 260 works reproduced in full colour, Western Voices in Canadian Art is a book that needs to be seen, and its artists and art celebrated.

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