Whisper to the Sky PathFinders Collection

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Kim Sigafus
Sydney's Journey Series
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight
Book Type:
7th Generation
Sydney's Journey Series
Copyright Date:

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This book is part of the PathFinders Collection of Indigenous Hi-Lo- novels. Interest level is pre-teen to high school. At her old school on the reservation, where almost all the kids were Native, Sydney was known as a tough bully. Now, at her new school in Minneapolis, which has only a few Native kids, she wonders if she will fit in. It doesn't take Sydney long to realize she stands out like a sore thumb. After she accidentally bumps into a classmate in the hall, the bullying begins, but this time it's aimed right at her. Although Sydney was used to being the bully at her old school, the tables have turned, and she is now on the other side. A chance encounter with a boy in the lunchroom turns into a close friendship. Her new friend, Finn, who is gay, is also the target of bullies. Sydney begins to feel ashamed and to regret her past behaviour. Before she can begin the journey to self-forgiveness, Sydney realizes that she must make amends with the girl she bullied at her old school. The new friends begin to understand bullying, identities, and spirituality through their shared experiences.

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