Willy's New Pup: A Story From Labrador

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Sherry Blake
Grade Levels:
Two, Three
Inuit, Labrador
Book Type:
Inhabit Education Books
Copyright Data:
Publication Date:
Available Jun 15, 2021

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Willy's New Pup: A Story From Labrador, is written by Sherry Blake an Inuk throat singer who performs with the group The Blake Sisters. She grew up in Rigolet, Newfoundland. Willy's New Pup is illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko. In Willy's New Pup, Willy's friend Sid comes to visit, and he brings Willy a surprise—a new pup! Willy's new pup is strong and fast, but he needs a lot of training before he can become the new lead dog. When Willy finally decides his new pup is ready for his first hunting trip, something happens that puts the dog's strength and bravery to the test. Based on true events, this story from Labrador shows the powerful bond between a dog team driver and his lead dog.

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