A Dance Through the Seasons

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Leona Prince
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Carrier, Cree, Pacific NW
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WaveMaker Press
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A Dance Through the Seasons is the story of curious Young Woman who is visited by the Ancestors in a dream. When she awakes she is full of resolve to help the adults take a difficult journey to a beautiful place based on the knowledge she feels she has received in her dream. However, the adults do not agree. She is visited by her Grandmother who teaches her the lesson of peace. She is then visited by Turtle, who teaches her to see the living and non-living that surrounds her through the seasons and to learn valuable lessons from these experiences. She learns about humour, resourcefulness, relationships, and in her reflection in the pond as she leaves the forest, she has changed into a young woman and leader. Leona Prince is a Dakelh woman, member of the Lake Babine Nation and belongs to the Likh Tsa Mis Yu Clan. She is a descendent of Stiche and Chief Kwah. Prince received the Indspire Award for Educational Leadership. Carla Joseph is a Cree artist and has won Art Battle on numerous occasions. Together they have created a beautifully illustrated book about the seasonal rounds of the Dakelh people of British Columbia teaching valuable lessons of patience and leadership. The book also contains guiding questions and you are asked to find the turtles in the illustrations to guide you through Young Woman's journey.

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