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Showcasing the First Nation Communities Read 2022 Awards Long List, an annual program. 

The following Reading resources are selected by Indigenous librarians representing the best of Indigenous Literature. This year the Children's category includes these 24 titles. 

A is For Anemone: A First West Coast Alphabet 

Vickers, R.H., Budd, R. 


King, S. 

Animals Illustrated: Wolverine 

Niptanatiak, A. 

Buffalo Wild! 

Havrelock, D. 

Hockey with Dad 

Sellars, W. 

i? siw?kw nkwancin?m k'?l suli? / The Water Sings to Suli? 

Hall, H. 

Jigging for Halibut with Tsinii 

Davidson, S.F., Davidson, R. 

Learning to Carve Argillite 

Davidson, S.F., Davidson, R. 

Little Bear in Foster Care 

Lyons, S.P.J. 

Little Moar and the Moon 

Akulukjuk, R. 

Little Wolf 

Spathelfer, L. 

Louis Riel Day: The Fur Trade Project 

Delaronde, D.L. 

On the Trapline 

Robertson, D. A. 

The Bee 

Han, B. 

The Dancing Trees 

Kelly, M. 

The Frog Mother 

Huson, B. 

The Wolf Mother 

Huson, B. 

The Shaman’s Apprentice 

Kunuk, Z. 

This is How I Know/ Mii maanda ezhi-gkendmaanh
Luby, B.

This is What I’ve Been Told/ MII Yi Gaa-Bi-Wiindmaagooyaan 

Armstrong, J. 

Thunder and the Noise Storms 

Ansloos, J, Ansloos, S. 

We All Play/ kimêtawânaw (Cree) 

Flett, J. 

We Dream Medicine Dreams 

Boivin, L. 

White Raven 

Spathelfer, L. 

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