A Man Called Raven

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Richard Van Camp
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Chipewyan, Dene, Dogrib, Subarctic
Book Type:
Children's Book Press
Copyright Date:

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A Man Called Raven is a powerful story for young readers about the meaning of respect for life. Two young boys torment a raven and then a mysterious man visits their home. He tells them about a man long ago who was mean to everyone. The story explains how the man was turned into a raven as punishment. Sometimes when people need to hear the teachings, the man returns to explain why we should respect the animals and birds. The author, Richard Van Camp, is Dogrib from the Northwest Territories. His story is based on the teachings of an Elder from his community. The illustrator, George Littlechild, is an artist from the Plains Cree Nation. Together they weave this wonderfully illustrated story about how contemporary society can learn from the teachings of the past. Littlechild's bold and colourful illustrations capture the intensity of the narrative. Designed for grade one and up, this picture book teaches respect in a lively contemporary story that everyone can understand. This is the 2014 reprint of 1997 original picture book.

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