A Magical Sturgeon (FNCR 2023)

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Joseph Dandurand
Elinor Atkins
Kwantlen Stories Then and Now
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
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Nightwood Editions
Kwantlen Stories Then and Now
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Joseph Dandurand is a member of Kwantlen First Nation located on the Fraser River and Elinor Atkins is an Indigenous artist from the Kwantlen First Nation. In A Magical Sturgeon, The Sturgeon, Spirit of the Great River, eludes human fishers until two young sisters neglect to follow their mother’s instructions. What follows provides a moving exploration of the importance of Sharing and Kinship with all other living things. The story is told with grace and simplicity in the great tradition of the Kwantlen people by Joseph Dandurand. In the water sat a sturgeon, born there, so they say, thousands of years ago, though the sturgeon themselves have been here for two hundred million years. It was at first a little egg, a big egg, born into the river. Now the sturgeon is back but how did it get here? How did the first sturgeon come to be? Earth and the river, moons and suns and clouds. Time, thousands of years and the Skwó:wech has seen it all. But what gift does the sturgeon have for us? Accompanied by Elinor Atkins’s illustrations, A Magical Sturgeon is a follow-up to Joseph Dandurand’s children’s book, The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets.

(This is the 2nd book in the Kwantlen Stories Then and Now series Book 2)

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