The First Flute-FNCR 2016

SKU: 9780889954755

David Bouchard
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Dakota, Plains
Book Type:
HC (Audio CD)
Red Deer Press

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The First Flute, Whowhoahyahzo Tohkohya is a new picture book collaboration from Métis storyteller David Bouchard and New Zealand illustrator Don Oelze. This book is a retelling of a traditional Dakota story about names and the origin of the first flute. David Bouchard tells the story of a young man given the name Dancing Raven. He was a dancer - the best from all the nations. But the other men and boys in his village don't appreciate Dancing Raven's talent - hunting, fishing and tracking are the truly important talents. Dancing Raven must prove to his village the importance of his song. The storyteller Jan Michael Looking Wolf provides the protocol for telling and listening to Dakota stories. In addition to sharing his uncle's story for this retelling he provides flute music on the accompanying CD. This bilingual book contains the story in English and Dakota. The audio CD contains spoken word in English, French, and Dakota languages.

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