The Drum Story and DVD

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Falcon Migwans
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Book Type:
Mixed Media (HC-DVD)
Reality Media
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The Drum Story and accompanying DVD is produced by Reality Media. The Drum Story book and 20-minute DVD features the traditional knowledge and storytelling of Falcon Migwans from Manitoulin Island. The origin of the drum is told in English and Ojibwe with translation by Albert Owl and Vivian Roy. The book includes a brief introduction of Falcon Migwans and explains how he was gifted this account. He clearly indicates there are other versions of this origin story and he is only telling this account for the general public. He provides some background about smudging, fasting, and feasting the drum. The 65-page book includes a short introduction about the Ojibwe language, Manitoulin Island, and the national anthem, O Canada, in the Ojibwe language. The important role of women is evident in this origin story about the Anishinaabe drum. The 20-minute DVD has Public Performance Rights and includes selectable English, French, and Ojibwe language subtitles. PDF documents available with the DVD are a teacher guide and activity booklet. This unique package is suitable for junior, intermediate, and secondary level learners and is recommended for school and public libraries as well as individual interest.

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