Siksikaitsitapi : Stories of the Blackfoot People

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Payne Many Guns, Crystal Many Fingers, Sheena Potts, Latasha Calf Robe, Tim Fox, Marlene Yellow Horn
Further contributors: Foreword by Alayna Many Guns;Author DerRic Starlight)
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve
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Durvile & Uproute Books
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Publication Date:
April 26/22

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In Siksikaitsitapi, seven Blackfoot authors share their stories that come from both from legend and from their personal experiences, with many of the stories in both Blackfoot and English languages. The book is illustrated with beautiful full-color pictures and photos which help convey their stories from Blackfoot traditional and contemporary traditions and cultures. The Blackfoot Confederacy is made up of the Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, and Amskapi Piikuni Nations of Southern Alberta and Montana. Authors are Payne Many Guns, Crystal Many Fingers, Sheena Potts, Latasha Calf Robe, Tim Fox, Marlene Yellow Horn, and DerRic Starlight.  Foreword is by Alayna Many Guns. 

Payne Many Guns' story captures the ways the Blackfoot People live in harmony with the land, animals, and stars in their traditional lands. Crystal Many Fingers tells a delightful, modern story about animals, their gifts, and why they were put on Earth.  Sheena Potts' story beautifully illustrates the many ways love is alive in Blackfoot traditions and culture. Tim Fox tells a humerous story about mice who are having a celebration that the raven Napi and a group of dogs want to join. Marlene Yellow Horn shares her personal story of the teachings she learned as a child about the Elders' traditional and sacred knowledge. DerRic Starlight tells the tale of Morning Star's diverse and loving family life.

100 Colour illustrations

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