By The Standing Stone-SS7

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Maxine Trottier
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Iroquois, Oneida, Woodland
Book Type:
Stoddart Kids

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By The Standing Stone is an historical novel set on the eve of the American Revolution. This is Maxine Trottier's second young adult novel in the Circle of Silver Chronicles. The main characters are two teenagers, fifteen-year-old Charlotte (also called Mack) and thirteen-year-old Jamie MacNeil. The pair travelled from England to Fort Niagara with their guardian Lord John MacNeil. While their ship is docked, the two teenagers venture off to explore the area and are kidnapped by a trader named Ben Sparks. Sparks and his men take the two teens on the adventure of their lives as they travel by land through New York to Albany. Lord MacNeil is also planning a rescue of the pair. MacNeil sets out with his friends, including an Oneida warrior named Owela. Mack and Jamie are rescued and taken to the Oneida village in central New York. There they spend the winter and learn a great deal about the Oneida people and their culture. By the end of the story, Mack and Owela fall in love and are married. This is an exciting historical novel that contains adventure and well-developed characters. The sections about the Oneida and Six Nations Iroquois play a main part of the story. Anyone one interested in historical fiction and romance will find the novel an enjoyable read. Reading Level: 8.0

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