Dreaming The Dawn

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E.k. Caldwell
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Nebraska Press

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Dreaming The Dawn, Conversations With Native Artists and Activists is a collection of interviews with 12 Native American writers, artists, and political activists. The late E. K. Caldwell, herself an accomplished poet and musician, conducted the interviews from 1993 to 1997. Each interview is candid in its approach resulting in open and often personal exchanges between artists. Brief biographical sketches and photos accompany each interview. The artists interviewed include Rick Bartow, Norman Guardipee, Jesse Hummingbird, and Buffy Sainte Marie; writers include John Trudell, Elizabeth Woody, Sherman Alexie, James Welch, and Litefoot; and activists include Bonnie Blackwolf, Winona LaDuke, and Dino Butler. Topics range from AIDS awareness, AIM (American Indian Movement), Indian identity and blood quantum, New Age, computers and technology, political activism, as well as the process of writing. Each artist and activist brings passion and thoughtfulness to the discussion that delves into the heart of spirituality and creativity.

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