Encyclopedia of the Great Plains

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David J. Wishart
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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University of Nebraska Press

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 Encyclopedia of the Great Plains is an extensive reference developed from 1995 - 2003 about the area of United States and Canada known as the Great Plains. Covering all aspects of the peoples, cultures, and history of the region, this massive volume provides general overview essays about twenty-seven major topics including Native Americans (57 pages). Within each major category the editor has placed additional entries about people, events, place, and subjects. For example, the index for the Native American category lists more than 100 individual entries including Buffy Saint Marie, Powwows, Indian Boarding Schools, Residential Schools, American Indian Movement, Repatriation, Poundmaker, Crowfoot, and Sitting Bull. Major topics such as Native American Art, Education, and Religion are also covered. Not all of these individual entries are located within the 57 pages of the Native American category. The editor has wisely placed many of the entries in other broad categories such as Sports and Recreation, Literary Traditions, Transportation, and Water. In this way, Aboriginal topics are not marginalized but placed in the mainstream topics. Illustrations, archival and contemporary photographs, and maps are effectively used throughout the text. The essays and entries are the contributions from approximately 1000 scholars and writers. Extensive cross-referencing and the detailed index allow easy access for high school students, college students, and the general reader. The unique geography and fascinating history of the Great Plains region is told in this 919-page mix of interpretative essays, biographical sketches, and definitions. An excellent resource for public and school libraries.

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