A Short History of Indians in Canada

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Thomas King
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Harper Collins Canada
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Thomas King's collection of 20 short stories. Most of the stories have appeared in previous publications. This recent collection contains some examples of magic realism, tall tale and fable. From stories about flocks of Indians crashing into Bay Street office towers to a strange story about family relationships, the content often takes the reader to absurd and disturbing places. Where the Borg Are explores familiar territory as a First Nation high school student reads Olive Dickason's Canada's First Nations for a writing project. The youth connects Star Trek and the Borgs' assimilation policy with the history of the Canadian Indian Act and government policies for Indians. Unfortunately his teacher doesn't appreciate the creation and implementation of the Indian Act as a significant moment in Canadian History. Despite a low grade for his efforts, the teen continues to discuss the issue with his grandfather and both rethink the question.

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