Muinji'j: Becomes a Man LIMITED QUANTITIES

SKU: 9781550811674

Saqamaw Mi'sel Joe
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Mi'kmaq, Woodland
Book Type:
Breakwater Books Ltd.
Copyright Date:

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Chief Mi'sel Joe has written an engaging chapter book, Muinji'j Becomes a Man, about a youth named Muinji'j who embarks on a life-changing canoe trip with Niskamij, his grandfather, to sell their furs and buy supplies in the distant city. The novel is organized into the four directions, East, South, West, and North, and readers learn early in the narrative that these are the cardinal directions for Mi'kmaq prayer. This first-person story contains Mi'kmaq terms, and sketches that will guide young readers to a gentle and informative story. In 2008, Memorial University's Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) partnered with the Miawpukek First Nation of Conne River, Newfoundland and Labrador to develop an innovative project aimed at preserving and sharing the history and culture of the Miawpukek people of Conne River. To view additional information about the book and project see: Recommended. Junior Spring 2012

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