Les mots volés / Stolen Words (FR)

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Melanie Florence
Gabrielle Grimard
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
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Editions Scholastic
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Les Mots Volés by author Melanie Florence and published by Editions Scholastic is a primary level picture book that explains language loss among First Nations residential school survivors and their descendants. This French language translation of Stolen Words is told through the eyes of a child and her grandfather. The book captures the close and caring relationship between generations as the girl learns about residential schools and language loss. Grandfather lost his Cree language when he was taken from his loving family.  The teachers took the language and locked away the words so granddaughter looks for ways to help her grandfather find the words. At school the girl asks the teacher for help as she learns how to say grandfather in Cree. Slowly words return to grandfather as the pair learn together. Simple words are introduced into the story text and illustrations. Colour illustrations depict the fun-loving girl who enjoys school and learning. Pale pastels show how grandfather`s negative experiences at residential school darkened his view of learning. In the end the pair bring back their stolen words and return them to a new generation. Isabelle Allard provided the French translation. Recommended.

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