Maria Hupfield : Breaking Protocol

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Edited by Maria Hupfield with an Afterword by Carin Kuoni.
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Adult Education, College, University
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Inventory Press/Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School
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Collaborative conversations on Indigenous performance art, convened by a leading practitioner.

For Breaking Protocol, Brooklyn-based transdiciplinary artist Maria Hupfield (born 1975) embarked on a research project on the protocols of Indigenous performance—tracing Indigenous knowledge systems, land-preservation practices and feminist scholarship to illuminate strategies for enacting refusal within decolonial frameworks. The book draws from Hupfield’s “coffee breaks”—conversations held over Zoom during the pandemic, in which Hupfield invited international Indigenous performance artists to discuss their work (from dance to stand-up comedy), who in turn invited other artists to join the conversations.
Contributors include: Wanda Nanibush, Keke Brown, Valérie Frappie, Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Katherine Carl, Christen Clifford, Re’al Christian, Akiko Ichikawa, Suzanne Kite, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Peter Morin, Archer Pechawis, Rosanna Raymond. Art by Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, TJ Cuthand, Raven Davis, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Ursula Johnson, Jackson 2Bears Leween, Meagan Musseau, Skeena Reece, Charlene Vickers and Sarah Laakkuluk Williamson. This book contains 50 illustrations.

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